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2018 January 22 ( Monday )  18:01:39
The quality of food threatens humanity

Baku/22.01.18 / Turan: Modern technologies already allow feeding the entire population of the Earth, therefore the main threat in the future will be not a hunger, but the quality of food, says the head of the Moscow branch of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Yevgeny Serov.

2018 January 22 ( Monday )  17:45:00
The migration service identified an illegal migration channel

Baku / 22.01.18 / Turan: Fourteen citizens of Pakistan and one Indian citizen detained in Azerbaijan in connection with the fact of illegal migration, reads the message of the Migration Service of Azerbaijan on Monday. According to the same source, Indian citizen, Nema Davy Aibam, organized illegal sending of citizens of the Near and Middle East to the countries of the West, as well as to Russia, Ukraine and Turkey through Azerbaijan.

2018 January 22 ( Monday )  17:20:04
Weather forecast

Baku / 22.01.18 / Turan: On Tuesday, the weather in Baku and Absheron will be cloudy and without precipitation; a weak southern wind, which in the afternoon will change to the northern. The air temperature during the day will be + 8 + 10, and at night + 1 + 3 degrees.

2018 January 22 ( Monday )  16:50:12
Journalists’ wage is more than indicated in contracts - M. Aleskerly

Baku/22.01.18/Turan: The trade union of journalists (TUJ) of Azerbaijan conducted a survey, examining the social situation of the country's journalists in 2017. The poll covered 57 editions, including 15 republican newspapers and 4 TV channels, 5 news agencies, 20 news portals, 10 regional newspapers and TV channels. According to the head of the TUJ, Mushvig Aleskerli, in an interview with "Voice of America", the income of journalists varied depending on the possibilities of reactions: 6% of respondents named the sum of monthly incomes 350-400 manats, 56% - 550-600 manats, 30% - 700-900 manats, 8% - 1000-1100 manats. The minimum and maximum limits could not be established.

2018 January 22 ( Monday )  12:49:36
Human Rights Activist Claims Pressure

Baku / 22.01.18 / Turan: The head of the NGO Legal Education of the Sumgayit Youth and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Yukselishn Namine, Elchin Mammad, said he was pressured by law enforcement agencies.

2018 January 22 ( Monday )  12:12:38
State Security Service: Smugglers of Foreign Currency, Who Exported $ 170 Million from Azerbaijan, Neutralized

Baku / 22.01.18 / Turan: During complex operative-search activities conducted by the State Security Service of Azerbaijan on January 15-18, a criminal network dealing with illegal currency circulation in the "black market" was exposed.

2018 January 22 ( Monday )  11:51:57
The more educated, the farther from Azerbaijan

The other day in the subway, I met a former colleague, who looked grim and worried. It turned out that the only son Ilgar, graduating with honors from the master's degree of the Baku State University and tired of an unsuccessful job search, was going to leave for St. Petersburg. There, his friend has a computer store, he needs an assistant who is good in technical issues.

2018 January 22 ( Monday )  11:03:03
Press Review - January 22, 2018

The January events of 1990, the situation with problem loans, and the state of reforms in the country-the leading topics of today's press.

2018 January 22 ( Monday )  10:48:44
Soldier Killed in Accident

Baku / 22.01.18 / Turan: On January 21, the press service of the Defense Ministry announced the death of a soldier Rahim Aliyev.

2018 January 20 ( Saturday )  15:44:06
Provocation against the National Council

Baku/20.01.18/Turan: An incident occurred when the representatives of the Nationl Coucil of Democratic Forces (NCDF) visited the Alley of Martyrs on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the occupation by the Soviet troops of Baku.

2018 January 20 ( Saturday )  13:14:58
Windy Weather to Continue

Baku / 20.01.18 / Turan: On January 21, cold and windy weather without precipitation will continue in Baku and Absheron, weather forecasters said.

2018 January 20 ( Saturday )  10:59:56
Press Review - January 20, 2018

The events of January 20, the implementation of orders in connection with the reforms, and the continuing rise in prices for food products are the leading topics of today's press.

2018 January 19 ( Friday )  18:02:03
Private investments attracted in the construction of social housing

Baku/19.01.18/Turan: In 2017 for the construction of Yasamal residential complex intended for low-income strata of the population, 18 million manats were attracted, was stated on 19 January 19 at a meeting of the State Agency for Housing. The chairman of the agency Samir Nuriyev said that in 2017 began the construction of apartment buildings. The first project of social housing consists of 1,843 apartments in the Yasamal housing complex. The first houses will be commissioned in 2019.

2018 January 19 ( Friday )  17:45:00
“Sumgait” team became the season’s winner of “Brain Ring” intellectual games supported by Nar

The tenth season of "Brain Ring" intellectual games, traditionally supported by Nar have come to an end. A total of 32 teams, representing 15 regions and 9 higher education institutions of the country have participated in the competition.

2018 January 19 ( Friday )  16:47:49
Azerbaijani soldier killed

Baku/19.01.18/Turan: Azerbaijani soldier Manafov Ibrahim was killed as a result of violating the ceasefire from the Armenian side, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry's press service reported. The message does not specify the direction of the front and when the incident occurred. The information was disseminated the day after the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Krakow. -16D-

2018 January 19 ( Friday )  16:32:07
British lawyer joined the defense of Ilgar Mammadov

Baku / 19.01.18 / Turan: Attorney Jeremy McBride officially joined the defense of the leader of the REAL movement, Ilgar Mammadov, convicted in Azerbaijan. This became possible after Ilgar Mammadov was able to sign the relevant documents, lawyer Fuad Agayev said.

2018 January 19 ( Friday )  13:24:41
Another Wave of Cold Snap

Baku / 19.01.18 / Turan: On January 20 a strong north-west wind is expected in Baku and Absheron. The air temperature will drop by 3-5 degrees. Drizzle is expected at night.

2018 January 19 ( Friday )  10:40:46
Press Review - 19 January 2018

Azerbaijan, as an investor country, the prospects of the country's banking system in 2018, and the discrepancy of official data on unemployment with the real situation are the leading topics of today's press.

2018 January 19 ( Friday )  00:05:09
Trial of Religious Activist Ahsan Nuruzadeh Began

Baku / 18.01.18 / Turan: In the Baku Grave Crimes Court, under the chairmanship of Judge Sabuhi Huseynov, a preparatory meeting was held on January 18 on the case of the religious activist Ahsan Nuruzadeh who is accused of illicit drug trafficking on a large scale.As the lawyer Fariz Namazli told Turan, the defense spoke at the trial with a number of motions. The lawyer petitioned to stop the criminal proceedings. In case of failure to satisfy this motion, the defense asked the court to transfer Nuruzadeh under house arrest before the completion of the judicial investigation. "We also asked the court to exclude a number of evidence from the materials of the case because they were obtained illegally: for example, the primary testimony was obtained under torture, and subsequently the accused refused it," the lawyer said.

2018 January 18 ( Thursday )  18:00:47
Consideration of the appeal of Javid Shiraliyev postponed to January 25

Baku / 18.01.18 / Turan: The reconsideration of the complaint of journalist Javid Shiraliyev, scheduled for January 18 in the Ganja Court of Appeal, did not take place. The reason is the replacement of the presiding judge. The hearing was postponed until 25 January, said mother of the journalist.

2018 January 18 ( Thursday )  15:59:37
The search for missing alpinists does not give result

Baku.18.01.18 / Turan: On January 17, rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations continued to search for three mountaineers who had disappeared in December in the vicinity of Mount Tufan. The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reports that the search is conducted with the use of special equipment and facilities at altitudes of 3000-3200 meters. While efforts to find the missing results did not results.

2018 January 18 ( Thursday )  14:15:53
There is no disagreement on the aviation agreement: the head of the EU mission

Baku / 17.01.18 / Turan: Last year, after the resumption of negotiations on the "Agreement on Common Aviation Area" with Azerbaijan, two rounds were held and 99% of the text of the agreement was agreed, the head of the EU representation in Baku Kestutis Jankauskas said in an interview with Turan.

2018 January 18 ( Thursday )  13:36:39
About Weather

Baku / 18.01.18 / Turan: On Friday in Baku and Absheron there will be mostly no precipitation, with drizzle expected in several places and a northwest wind at times. The air temperature will be + 1 + 3 degrees at night and + 9 + 12 by day, the weather forecasters said.

2018 January 18 ( Wednesday )  10:35:34
Press Review - January 18

The transit possibilities of Azerbaijan, the lack of struggle against corruption, the manat exchange rate, and distrust of official statistics are the leading topics of today's press.

2018 January 17 ( Wednesday )  17:17:15
Combat Religious Extremism with Joint Efforts

Baku / 17.01.18 / Turan: An interdepartmental Action Plan to Combat Religious Extremism was signed in 2018, the report circulated by the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations said.

2018 January 17 ( Wednesday )  14:39:58
Tire Suppliers Protest

Baku / 17.01.18 / Turan: Suppliers of wheel tires from abroad today gathered before the State Customs Committee (SCC) again. They protest against tripling the import duties on tires.

2018 January 17 ( Wednesday )  14:13:20
Court Invited Kyiv Prosecutor's Office to Withdraw Protest in Fikret Huseynli Case

Baku / 22.11.17 / Turan: Proceedings in the appeal court of the city of Kyiv on the journalist Fikret Huseynli"s case are postponed again, the journalist himself told Turan.

2018 January 17 ( Wednesday )  12:03:13
Russian Astronomer Detained in Azerbaijan Released

Baku / 17.01.18 / Turan: Detained in Azerbaijan in early January, a research fellow at the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Chulkov has been released and is already in Russia.

2018 January 17 ( Wednesday )  12:01:53
IDPs Protest

Baku / 17.01.18 / Turan: A group of IDPs gathered in front of the State Committee of Azerbaijan for IDPs on January 16, protesting against the demolition of buildings in which they were stationed in the Binagadi district. They tried to block traffic on the avenue in front of the State Committee.

2018 January 17 ( Wednesday )  11:49:24
In the settlement of Bayil houses with people living in them are demolished

The owner of Dönüş-1 Ltd. Ali Hasanov: "I am a state here, and I am the prosecutor's office." Complain wherever you want.

2018 January 17 ( Wednesday )  11:37:51
Kamran Aliyev Spoke about Petty Corruption

Baku / 17.01.18 / Turan: Last year the investigation was completed on 214 criminal cases against 305 officials on corruption charges and sent to the courts, the head of the Office for Combating Corruption under the Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev said at today's press conference.

2018 January 17 ( Wednesday )  11:15:59
Press Review - January 17, 2018

The attractiveness of Azerbaijan for investment and the impact of high inflation on the material situation of the population are the leading topics of today's press.

2018 January 16 ( Tuesday )  19:16:45
Act of self-immolation due to the argue with the road police in the regions of Agdash

Baku/16.01.18/Turan: A resident of the village of Khosrov of the Agdash region, Hasanaga Sohbatov committed an act of self-immolation on the 16th of January in the regional center. It is noted that the suicide attempt was made on the basis of a dispute with a traffic police officer. According to Lent.az, Hasanaga Sohbatov ran a VAZ 2105 passenger car with state license plates 10 LS 956 without power of attorney. The previous owner of the car Mikail Huseynov owed to the bank 1660 manats, for this reason the vehicle was arrested by the Agdash court.

2018 January 16 ( Tuesday )  18:40:57
Documents for Ilgar Mammadov "arrested" in the jail N2

Baku/16.01.18/Turan: The administration of the jail N 2, where the well-known political prisoner, the leader of the REAL Movement IlgarMammadov is serving a sentence, is violating Code on execution punishment by censoring documents authorizing a very famous British lawyer to represent Mammadov"s interests along with FuadAgayev. Relevant documents were sent on January 15, but after a day it became known that Mammadov's documents had not been transferred, FuadAgayev, Mammadov"slawyer wrote on Facebook page. Moreover, the envelope with the documents was opened by the administration.FuadAgayevregarded it as a gross violation of the law and actions aimed at making it difficult to protect the legitimate rights of IlgarMammadov. -02D-

2018 January 16 ( Tuesday )  18:35:28
Kiev court delays the announcement of the decision on the case of Fikret Huseynli

Baku / 22.11.17 / Turan: Today the Court of Appeal of the city of Kiev must announce a decision on the case of journalist Fikret Huseynli. The announcement of the decision was scheduled for January 16 at 10:30 local time, but delays it for unclear reasons. "I am still in the courthouse, waiting for a decision," Turan Huseynli said at 6 pm Baku time.

2018 January 16 ( Tuesday )  17:30:58
Ali Insanov: "Ruthless persecution against me continues"

Baku / 16.01.18 / Turan: Former Health Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Insanov assessed the decision of the Supreme Court, which upheld the conviction of him as execution of a political order. "For 13 years now, ruthless reprisals against me have continued. Today the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan has confirmed the decision of the Baku Court of Appeal against me, based on false, biased and libelous accusations. Such decisions are aimed at breaking my will, but they will not be able to force me to turn from the right path," says Insanov's statement, published by his lawyer Togrul Babaev.

2018 January 16 ( Tuesday )  11:56:58
Press Review - January 16, 2018

The development of the non-oil sector, the deepening of the crisis in the banking system, and the authorities' view of criticism are the leading topics of today's press.

2018 January 15 ( Monday )  18:01:34
The police seized 32 kg of drugs

Baku / 15.01.18 / Turan: On January 13-14, the Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted a series of operations, during which they seized a total of 32 kg of various types of drugs: 4 kg of heroin, 5 kg of opium, and 23 kg of marijuana. According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, drugs were seized from residentsof Salyan, Jalilabad, Bilasuvar and Yardimli, Masalli and Astara regions of the country, as well as in the Yasamal district of the capital. In connection with this, several people were detained.-03D-

2018 January 15 ( Monday )  16:21:30
Child mortality in Azerbaijan decreased by 3 times

Baku / 15.01.18 / Turan: Decrease in infant mortality in Azerbaijan was announced at the meeting of the Health Department of Ganja city. It was noted that the infant mortality rate (children under 1 year per 1000 births) was 27, almost by 3 times less than in 1990 (75). The meeting was devoted to the "Action Plan aimed at reducing child mortality in the Republic of Azerbaijan" the press service of the Ministry of Health reports. The main goal of the event is to reduce the level of child mortality in the country to an unambiguous figure and bring these indicators to the indicators of the most developed countries in the world. The meeting analysed the children's deaths in 2017 in the region. -0-

2018 January 15 ( Monday )  16:06:38
IRFS condemned the verdict to Afghan Mukhtarli

Baku / 15.01.18 / Turan: The Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety (IRFS) condemned the politically motivated verdict to investigative journalist Afgan Mukhtarly and demanded his immediate release. The statement of the IRFS issued on January 15 reads that Mukhtarly was convicted despite the completely fabricated evidence and outrageous circumstances of the arrest, whom the secret services kidnapped in the Georgian capital and illegally transported to Azerbaijan.

2018 January 15 ( Monday )  15:54:26
Two political prisoners subjected to inhuman treatment - lawyer

Baku / 15.01.18 / Turan: Life-guilty prisoners in Gobustan prison Safa Poladov and Arif Kazimov have been subjected to inhuman treatment, a lawyer Elchin Sadiqov wrote on his page in Facebook. According to him, at present they are forced to sleep right on iron beds. The head of the prison threatens them with death. Kazimov desperately tried to commit suicide, the lawyer said. Both prisoners were in a punishment cell repeatedly on far-fetched pretexts. They handed the lawyer a letter addressed to President Ilham Aliyev and asked to inform the public about the violation of their rights, the lawyer wrote.

2018 January 15 ( Monday )  14:53:20
In 2017, Azerbaijan registered 26.113 crimes

Baku/15.01.18/Turan: In 2017, all government agencies carried out operational-search and investigative activities recorded 26.113 criminal offenses. Of these, 83.1% are unlawful actions investigated by the bodies of internal affairs. Of these, 13.7% are serious and particularly serious crimes. These statistics were cited by Interior Minister Ramil Usubov, today at the expanded board of the department dedicated to the results of the fight against crime in 2017. Last year, 3415 accused were detained, evading court organs, investigation and inquiry. Seats of 76 persons wanted by Interpol and 39 people wanted by the countries participating in the organization were identified. Detained 1028 criminal groups committed 2,698 criminal acts.

2018 January 15 ( Monday )  13:07:07
Updated List of Political Prisoners Includes 161 People

Baku / 15.01.18 / Turan: The Center for the Protection of Political Prisoners (CPPP) has updated the list of political prisoners of Azerbaijan. As stated by the CPPP in the message received by Turan from the head of the Public Alliance Azerbaijan without Political Prisoners Ogtay Gyulaliyev, the names of Emin Sagiyev, brother-in-law of a political emigrant, journalist Turkel Azerturk, the head of the Shirvan organization of the Musavat Party Alikram Khurshudov and the newly arrested former "prisoner of the hijab" Elshan Abbasov were included in the political prisoners list.

2018 January 15 ( Monday )  13:03:10
Cold Weather with Precipitation to Continue

Baku / 15.01.18 / Turan: On January 16, cold weather will remain in Baku and Absheron with slight precipitation against the background of the northern wind.