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Party Nomenclature Managed to Restore Its Power - Etibar Mammadov

2017 November 15 ( Wednesday )  12:03:40
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Baku / 15.11.17 / Turan: The national-democratic movement started in Azerbaijan almost 30 years ago and led to the collapse of the Communist system and the independence of the republic. However, afterwards the Communist party nomenclature managed to restore its positions in Azerbaijan and today democratic values ​​are devalued in the country.

This opinion was voiced by one of the leaders of the national movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s, the leader of the National Independence Party, Ethibar Mammadov, in an interview with the Chetin Sual (Difficult Question) program of Turan News Agency.

The protracted rallies, which began in Baku on November 17, 1988 in protest against Moscow"s unfair position on the Karabakh issue, soon acquired the character of a national-democratic movement. It was a process of awakening the national consciousness. This process began even earlier. However, in November 1988 people took to the streets, filled the square, and the consolidation of the nation took place.

National unity became a value and Azerbaijan"s independence very soon turned into the main idea. At the initial stage, demands were made for Moscow to ensure the national rights of citizens. But later it became clear that we should not expect Moscow"s favor and the view strengthened that it was necessary to struggle for independence.

As a result of national movements in the republics, the USSR collapsed. Azerbaijan became an independent state. However, the ruling nomenclature repainted itself and managed to adapt to the new situation.

Today, in the independent Azerbaijan, the former nomenclature has regained its positions. For the former Communist nomenclature, national freedom, democracy, other rights and values ​​are not important. For them, only their interests are important. Therefore, there was a devaluation of values, Mammadov said.

Comparing the composition of the parliament of that time with the current one, Mammadov said that at that time the nomenclature was forced to let representatives of the people's movement enter the 1990 parliament. Then the small group managed to dictate to the majority the adoption of decisions that met national interests. As a result, the liberation movement achieved its logical result and the republic regained its independence.

However, the nomenclature has learned the "lessons" and now in every possible way it prevents the participation of thinking people in the parliament.

At the same time, Mammadov noted that the goals and means of political struggle of that time and the present stage cannot be confused. Then in the period of colonialism, all national forces were able to unite in the struggle for independence. Now those who are fighting for democracy, first of all, must bring these values ​​to the people.

"Democratic values ​​in a short period of time were devalued and people began to perceive them wrongly, and therefore the probability of consolidation based on them is low. However, the main issue is to unite around the criteria and principles of justice. That is, people should first of all demand justice from the state. When the state is perceived as an alien and shown a hostile attitude, no results can be reached. In my opinion, the main attention should be paid to this," Mammadov said.-03B06-

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