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Moscow and Washington Not Interested in Azerbaijan - Arif Mammadov

2017 July 10 ( Monday )  10:41:01
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Baku / 10.07.17 / Turan: On July 11, Austria will host the first meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia after the escalation of the war in Karabakh. On the possibilities of a peaceful settlement of the conflict after the July 4 tragedy in the village of Alkhanly, Turan talked with a former diplomat, now a political emigrant in Austria Arif Mammadov.

- Is it possible to hope for any progress in the negotiation process with Armenia after the killing of two civilians by Armenia in the village of Alkhanli?

- I am pessimistic about this meeting. There is no reason for Armenia to go to any negotiations or concessions to Azerbaijan. Armenians understand that Baku will resort to escalating the situation at the front every time the situation inside the country becomes heated. Armenians are quite satisfied with the existing status quo. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandian understands that Minister Elmar Mammadyarov does not decide anything. The meeting between them, even if it takes place, is for the image of the peacekeeping negotiation process, and not the achievement of peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

- Many argue that Moscow is behind the actions of Armenia. They even track direct cause-effect relationships between every action of Armenia and the policy of Russia. Does this mean that having become friends with Russia, Azerbaijan can succeed in the Karabakh settlement?

- The Azerbaijan-Russia relations are not on the eve of any progress. These relations should be perceived in the context of the successful outcome of the G20 meeting for Russia, more precisely the outcome of the meeting between Trump and Putin. Moscow is clearly irritated by the "succession plan" and the attempt of the Baku authorities to play on the aggravation in Karabakh for the sake of diverting the people from domestic problems in the country. But the aggravation of the situation in Karabakh today is not in the interests of Moscow. It now has more important geopolitical issues. I think that Foreign Minister S. Lavrov has a rather tough message from Putin to the Azerbaijani regime that has gone bankrupt in all directions.

- You called successful talks between Trump and Putin at G20. Even if we assume that they were successful, what does this have to do with Azerbaijan?

- The two Presidents spoke more than 2 hours instead of the planned 40 minutes. It is clear that a wide range of geopolitical issues was discussed. Despite the loud statements by Trump on Russia in Warsaw, at the meeting in Hamburg, both the tone and the sign language were completely different. Yes, there are differences between the countries on many international issues, but in general there is an understanding about the need for dialogue.

- Do you think the Presidents discussed issues related to our country?

- The issue of the fate of the regime in Baku is not included in the important topics discussed by Trump and Putin. The bankrupt regime does not represent any interest, and its fate will be decided in a package of solving other more important global issues between Moscow and Washington.

- But you cannot deny that Azerbaijan is of interest for Moscow and Washington?

- The most important point is that neither Moscow nor Washington trust Aliyev anymore. Putin has the mentality of an intelligence officer. All those who agree on something, and then do not fulfill their promises, immediately lose contact with him and his confidence. Despite Moscow's refusal to accept the "succession plan," Aliyev started to implement this plan and it is already possible to say that he has lost. The attempt to play on the escalation of the confrontation in Karabakh also aroused Moscow's discontent. Washington also has serious claims to Baku in respect of human rights in the country. In addition, the scandals arising from the bankruptcy of the regime every day in the press make any connection with the bankrupt regime extremely undesirable for the image of Russia and the US. -0-