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During the search in the Turan agency, the tax authorities seized documents and electronic media (updated-VIDEO-2)

During the search in the Turan agency, the tax authorities seized documents and electronic media (updated-VIDEO-2)

2017 August 16 ( Wednesday )  14:35:05
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Baku/16.08.17/Turan: About 14:00 the representatives of the Department of preliminary investigation of tax crimes of the Ministry of Taxes, finished the search in the information agency Turan and left the office. The tax authorities took with them copies of the Agency's financial documents for the period from 2014, a number of other documents related to the paperwork and personal data of journalists, which they found "interesting." The personal accountant's laptop was also withdrawn.

Personal belongings of employees and the contents of some computers were inspected. However, representatives of the investigation were not interested in information concerning the work of journalists.

It is noteworthy that the search was conducted in spite of the fact that earlier representatives of the agency had informed the tax authorities that copies of the documents would be submitted on August 17.

On the other hand, the agency was officially notified of the beginning of the criminal investigation on August 8 and for the submission of documents was given 15 days. Turan agency once again declares that it rejects all claims for tax evasion, considers the criminal case to be biased, ordered, directed against professional activity of journalists.

Earlier, the agency applied to Baku Administrative Economic Court No. 1 with a complaint about the groundlessness of the criminal case. However, the court has not yet fixed the date of the preparatory meeting. -06B-

* * *

2017 August 16 (Wednesday) 13:33:59

Tax Specialists Withdraw Turan"s Financial Documents (updated-VIDEO)

As of 13.30, the search in Turan continued. Representatives of the Ministry of Taxes withdraw financial documentation.

At the same time, journalists of other media were not allowed inside.

The search and seizure are carried out by the decision of the Nasimi District Court. ----- 0-

* * *

2017 August 16 (Wednesday) 11:45:02

Tax Officers Withdraw Turan IA"s Documentation

Baku / 16.08.17 / Turan: Employees of the Department of Preliminary Investigation of Tax Crimes of the Ministry of Taxes came to Turan Information Agency with a check on August 16 in the morning.

The tax officers are seizing documents and checking personal belongings of the employees. They have not allowed any video shooting of the check and seizure process.

The tax authorities did not provide any copy of the document on the sanction for check and seizure, but only showed the paper.

The check continues.

The criminal investigation against Turan IA began on August 7.

Tax officials claim the Agency did not pay taxes of AZN 37,000 for the period of 2014-2016.

The Agency categorically rejects these claims and considers the criminal case to be illegal and custom-made. Turan IA has sued the Department of Preliminary Investigation of Tax Crimes and the Local Incomes Department of the Ministry of Taxes, which initiated the criminal case. -06D--