CEC not able to ensure democratic elections: expert

2018 February 12 ( Monday ) 17:15:54
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Baku / 12.02.18 / Turan: Extraordinary presidential elections are held in Azerbaijan in conditions of limited democratic freedoms, stated in an interview with the Cətin Sual program of the Turan agency by former member of the Central Electoral Committee, Akif Gurbanov. He drew attention to the fact that in recent years the electoral legislation has worsened: conditions for political activity, freedom of assembly and expression are limited in the country, and representatives of the opposition do not have access to television.

The authorities aggressively apprehended the final assessment of the 2013 presidential election by the OSCE/ODIHR. Therefore, monitoring of the 2015 parliamentary elections by the OSCE/ ODIHR mission has not been approved, although it is the only organization that monitors on an integrated and professional basis. Election commissions in Azerbaijan are formed unilaterally, contrary to international standards and recommendations of the OSCE/ODIHR.

Gurbanov does not rule out that the authorities will formally invite observers to the OSCE/ODIHR, but due to the lack of time to deploy the mission, this is hardly possible.The CEC of the country is under the control of the ruling party and has no leverage to create equal terms for candidates during the pre-election period and ensure freedom of assembly. Gurbanov believes that the opposition parties' refusal to participate in the elections, due to lack of political freedoms, restrictions in the electoral code, is grounded, the recommendations of international organizations are not observed. -0-