Taleh Heydərov və Nigar Köçərli

Taleh Heydərov və Nigar Köçərli

“Book War” of Nigar Kocharli and Taleh Heydarov

2018 February 14 ( Wednesday ) 12:21:40
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Baku / 14.02.18 / Turan: Nigar Kocharli, owner of the network of bookstores Ali and Nino, and Taleh Heydarov, son of the Minister of Emergency Situations, exchanged the first public accusations, thereby transferring the hidden struggle in the book publishing sector to open confrontation.

The owner of the network of bookstores Ali and Nino Nigar Kocharli on February 12 sent a written and video appeal to the Minister of Emergency Situations Kamaleddin Heydarov. The appeal, which created a wide resonance, speaks of the danger created to the bookshops.

"Four years ago a representative of Gilan Holding invited me to the central office of this holding. On the holding"s behalf he said that I should give them Ali and Nino. If I did not, then they are "the elephant" and I am "the ant," as they told me," Nigar Kocharli said.

According to Nigar Kocharli, for four years Ali and Nino have been facing "moral terror": "There are customs problems, hidden shots in our stores, interrogations of our employees, and campaigns against me in the press and social networks. As this was not enough, now the bookstores Ali and Nino are being expelled from the malls. Your people drive us out of these stores and create their own ones."

N. Kocharli asked the Minister to tell his people to stop that.

Kocharli's statement mentioned a rival network of bookstores LIBRAFF associated with T. Heydarov.

Taleh Heydarov's reply was distributed the next day.

The statement said that the network of bookstores LIBRAFF is a subsidiary of the Publishing House TEAS Press of the European Azerbaijan Society (AAC / TEAS) and is not a structure of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The founder and chairman of TEAS is Taleh Heydarov, the son of the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Kamaladdin Heydarov.

The statement emphasizes that the formal address of the appeal of Nigar Kocharli is one, and the true goal is another object. According to the statement of LIBRAFF, this calls into question the very logic of the step taken.

"If in relation to Nigar Kocharli these "attacks" in the last 4 years actually took place, then why "the elephant" did not crush "the ant ", as it is claimed. On the contrary, new stores open in shopping malls. It is easy to blame, but these charges must be proven, otherwise it should be regarded as slander."

The statement states that since the beginning of LIBRAFF activities in the professional sales of books, it is constantly exposed to moral pressure and slander by Nigar Kocharli and her partners. In social networks, information is regularly circulated that the Publishing House TEAS Press intends to monopolize the book market. They want to create negative public opinion about this structure. The appeal of Kocharli is an integral part of this campaign."

The statement noted that one of the main tasks of the book selling sector is copyright, and the most affected here is the publishing house TEAS Press. It is alleged that books, the right to publish which belongs to the TEAS Press Publishing House, are published illegally. These pirated books are sold from Kocharli"s stores. -0-