The reception of the documents for the Hajj

The reception of the documents for the Hajj

2018 February 12 ( Monday ) 18:16:03
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Baku/12.02.18/Turan: On February 12, the Office of Muslims of the Caucasus began receiving documents from those wishing to make a hajj to Mecca, Turan was told by the said organization. This year the cost of the trip will be 4150 dollars.

Authorities of Saudi Arabia have allocated 600 seats for Azerbaijan. Reception of documents will be carried out until July, the same source said. It should be noted that in comparison with the previous year, the quota for Azerbaijan has been reduced from 900 to 600 people.

This is due to the fact that in previous years part of the participants of the Hajj went to Mecca by buses, but from the fighting in Iraq and Syria, it became impossible and now the Aviation can only be reached by airplanes. -05D-