Organizers of Illegal Migration from India Arrested

Organizers of Illegal Migration from India Arrested

2018 February 13 ( Tuesday ) 13:13:41
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Baku / 13.02.18 / Turan: Azerbaijani law enforcement bodies exposed a group engaged in illegal migration. According to a joint press release from the State Migration Service and the Prosecutor General's Office, an organized group has been identified that, from 2017, fraudulently appropriated a large sum of money from 89 Indian citizens.

These citizens were brought in an organized way to Azerbaijan, and they were promised employment. However, their visa terms expired and the citizens continued to stay in Azerbaijan.

The collected materials were sent to the Prosecutor General's Office to give a legal assessment of the actions of the detainees.

A criminal case was initiated under articles 178.3.1, 178.3.2 (fraud committed with an organized group causing major damage), 318-1.2.1 and 318-1.2.3 (organization of illegal migration) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

The investigation team including employees of the Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Interior carried out searches at the addresses where the migrants stayed and in the places where the organizers of illegal migration stayed.

As a result of preliminary investigation, it was established that the Indian citizen Mohammad Shakir and others, under the pretext of employing Indian citizens, took from each arriving person $ 400-800, promising to legalize their stay in the country.

A citizen of Pakistan Sajid Fraz and citizens of India Mohammad Shakir, Alimuddin Shaikh and S. Allarakhan, suspected of organizing illegal migration and appropriation of property on a large scale, were arrested.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry presented to the Indian Embassy in Azerbaijan information about the persons who violated the migration legislation. -06D--