Сардар Бабаев

Сардар Бабаев

Supreme Court Leaves Theologian in Custody

2018 February 13 ( Tuesday ) 13:53:09
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Baku / 13.02.18 / Turan: On February 13, the Supreme Court, presided over by Gular Rzaeva, rejected the cassation appeal of the convicted theologian Sardar Babayev.

As Turan was reported by the lawyer Javad Javadov, the complaint was filed against the verdict of the Masalli court on July 3, 2017, which sentenced Babayev to 3 years of imprisonment on charges of violating the rights of citizens under the guise of religious activities (article 168.1 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan).

In particular, government officials accused Babayev of preaching in the mosque, although he did not have the right to do so, since he was educated abroad.

However, Babayev received his education and preached before the legislation introduced such restrictions.

At today's meeting, the lawyer and Babayev himself called on the court to dismiss the charges and justify him.

"In connection with the initial accusation, a complaint has been lodged with the European Court of Human Rights, and a complaint will also be lodged against the Supreme Court's decision today," the lawyer said. -03B-