Джангир Гаджиев

Джангир Гаджиев

Sister of JangirHajiyev ask for help from the president

2018 February 13 ( Tuesday ) 17:12:58
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Baku/13.01.18/ Turan: "Deprived of freedom for a period of 15 years and serving a sentence in jail N 13, my brother JangirHajiyev is subjected to inhuman treatment." This is what the sister of JangirHajiyev, AminaHajiyev, wrote in his appeal to President IlhamAliyev.A week ago she sent an appeal to the head of state, but she is not sure whether this letter came to him or not. For this reason, she has to turn to the president of the country through the press. Amina Hajiyeva notes that since September last year, she and family members are not allowed to meet with her brother."Even lawyers were banned from meeting him. Lawyers are suspended from the case, they are punished. His health is poor. He suffers from Hoshimoto's syndrome, hypertension, he is deprived of the opportunity to be treated, which aggravates the illness even more,"the sister writes to the president. Amina Hajiyeva reported that the court could not confirm the allegations on large amount of embezzlement."Nevertheless, despite this, the press published incriminating materials about him, he himself was deprived of the right to respond to these charges. Since last September, after he responded to slanderous, unsubstantiated, offensive materials in the press, he was placed in a punishment cell, and then the pressure against him was further strengthened."Sister claims that JangirHajiyev was a devoted to hisstate and his president, had considerable merits in the development and construction of the banking sector.Amina Hajiyeva asks the president to help prevent the anti-human treatment against JangirHajiyev.

JangirHajiyev was arrested in December 2015. He was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment under articles 179 (misappropriation), 308 (abuse of office), 309 (abuse of office), 313 (official falsification). The Court of Appeal upheld the verdict. Hajiyev does not admit his guilt. -0-