Press Review – February 14, 2018

Press Review – February 14, 2018

2018 February 14 ( Wednesday ) 11:12:08
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The international assessment of the country's economic development, the amnesty of capital, and the increase in pensions are the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan cites the report by Moody's, which positively assesses the economic processes in Azerbaijan. Experts of this agency came to the conclusion that the reforms conducted in Azerbaijan in connection with the diversification of the economy will serve to strengthen and expand the sustainable economy. In the report, estimates are made for individual sectors.

The newspaper Echo published an article on the export of capital from the country. The amnesty of capital provides for exemption from criminal liability. Those businessmen who have declared their assets and accounts abroad will not be punished for tax violations. The money earned in Azerbaijan should not go to foreign countries, even if it is not earned fairly. Why create favorable conditions for the development of other countries with the hands of our citizens, when we can return these assets to Azerbaijan, so that this capital spins in our economy, the author of the material writes.

The Novoye Vremya newspaper writes about scanty pensions. The Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Salim Muslimov said the size of labor pensions as a result of indexing their insurance part will increase by 5.7% from January 1. The amount of the minimum pension will be increased by the same percentage, which will now amount to 116.27 manat. That is, if a person received a pension of 200 manat, this year he will receive 211.4 manat. But many pensioners receive old-age benefits in the minimum amount, that is, they will receive this year 116 manat instead of 110 manat.

The Minister cited the average figures for various types of pensions. According to him, the average monthly pension in Azerbaijan amounted to 220.23 manat. -0---