Presidential Administration on complaints of citizens

Presidential Administration on complaints of citizens

2018 February 14 ( Wednesday ) 14:40:17
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Baku / 14.02.18 / Turan: Compared with 2016, the number of appeals from residents of Beylagan, Jebrail, Kelbajar, Lachin, Saatli, Sabirabad and Shamakhi has increased, said Suleyman Ismayilov, head of the department for work with documents and appeals of citizens of the Presidential Administration. According to him, for every 1000 people, the most appeals come from Baku, Yevlakh, Agjabadi, Akstafa, Agdash, Balakyan, Beylagan, Barda, Jebrail, Goychay, Geigel, Imishli, Kalbajar, Guba, Neftchali, Saatly, Salyan, Samukh, Shamkir, Tovuz, Yardimli.

"There are such executive authorities of districts and cities in which the population prefers not to apply, they appeal to higher state bodies, including the Presidential Administration," Suleyman Ismayilov said in an article published in the official press. As to the form of applications, 66.5% are statements, 33.2% - complaints, and 0.3% - offers. The number of appeals from judicial bodies to some state structures that do not always comply with court decisions has increased.

According to Suleyman Ismayilov, in the past year 4 thousand people were brought to administrative responsibility because of the failure to fulfill the legitimate demands of officials. Including, 2,700 people were subjected to administrative arrest, 337 criminal cases were initiated.

In connection with non-execution of court decisions, the investigation was completed on 586 criminal cases. Complaints in connection with demolition of houses, payment of compensation and construction of new housing increased by 28.8%.

"The appeals expressed dissatisfaction with the activities of construction companies: Evrostroy-SS, FVS İnşaat, Murad MS, İdeal-İ İnşaat, Hermes-S, Brend Palace, Meqa City Holdinq, Abhairon LTD 2013, İnam-İnşaat-555, Xudafərin, Əzizbəy-KM, Baku Pearl Residence, Caspian Park, Fuad LTD, İron İnşaat, Mahal, Elite City "," Avro Qrand "," İnşaat Konstruksiyaları "," Birlik-İnşaat "," Hasil "," AENT-E "," MVV Verus Praedium "," Yüksəliş C "," Rifah-Plaza "MMC-lər və" Kristal Abşeron, İlin Dörd Fəsli, Badu-Kubə, Yeni Yasamal, Şərur, Dağlar, İnteks, Çənlibel, Ayla, Mars, Fateh-N, MTK and others. "

The head of the department noted that a number of appeals referred to unresolved problems in already built residential complexes, but unfit for housing "AAAF Park", "Bağçalı evlər" .- 0-