Nemət Pənahlı

Nemət Pənahlı

The court on the non-payment of fines by Neymat Panahli postponed

2018 February 14 ( Wednesday ) 17:26:54
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Baku / 14.02.18 / Turan: The court session on non-payment of fines for traffic offenses by the chairman of the National Revival Party, Neymat Panahly, has been postponed for an indefinite period. This decision was made by the Nasimi district court of Baku on February 14. A short hearing was held without the participation of Panahly, who was invited to court, but was not admitted to the courtroom. Panahly refuses to pay fines, claiming that notice of fines came a long time later and was not timely entered in the electronic traffic registration system. "This case has political goals and is intended to limit my civic activity," Panahli told Turan.--0--