Али Гасанов

Али Гасанов

Ali Hasanov threatens anti-Azerbaijani forces in the West

2018 February 14 ( Wednesday ) 15:08:28
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Baku / 14.02.18 / Turan: The Azerbaijani authorities intend to launch "legal procedures" with regard to the organizers of the country's blackening campaign, stated the assistant head of state, Ali Hasanov, in connection with the decision of the court of the city of Milan on February 13.

According to Hasanov, the Milan Court acquitted the Italian MP Lucas Volonte, who headed the Italian delegation to PACE and was accused of receiving almost 3 million euros from Azerbaijan for lobbying the interests of Baku.

This information was first published last year by the "Journalistic Project Against Corruption and Organized Crime" (OCCRP). According to Hasanov, this structure was created "for known purposes by order of known anti-Azerbaijani networks and centers." The court confirmed that the accusations against Volunte were unreasonable and had a goal to smear the international image of Azerbaijan, Hasanov said.

Meanwhile, this decision of the Milan Court has not been published anywhere. What exactly the court decided is unknown. The OCCRP investigation said that Volonthe received large sums of money from pro-government forces of Azerbaijan for a long time and played an active role in the failure of the report of the deputy Christopher Strasser on political prisoners in Azerbaijan. Thanks to this, the Azerbaijani authorities launched a wide wave of repression against 40 NGOs, arresting dozens of human rights activists and social activists. -02D-